How to find a specific flight

We offer you the ability to specify your preferred times and airlines while still giving you the unbiased lowest price available.
Shopping for prices?

Follow these search steps to find the exact flights at the right price:

  1. Submit your search with known flight information. This includes specific airline and/or time of day for departure.

  2. Within the flight results, notice when comparing details between flight options, the times within the preferred departure are highlighted. Although, results are still displayed in order of price to show you the lowest prices first.

  3. To sort or group the preferred flight times together, simply click the column heading for "Departure Time" to list the details in chronological order.

  4. To sort results by preferred airline's schedule, there are two options.
    • For viewing a single airline's results in order of price, toggle the display with our new flight summary.
    • For viewing all airline results grouped alphabetically by airline name, click the column heading for "Airline". Within each alphabetical group of airline results, flights are listed by the initial departure, time.